A Killer Christmas Break

It’s been a long school year down in sunny Somerset, Florida, and it’s only halfway over. Logan, a teacher, and his freshman son Ulysses are looking forward to their long Christmas break together, especially after both Adairs nearly died solving the one percent murders earlier in the school year. They are both in need of a friendly, relaxing family Christmas break. So they go back to their New England roots, up in Maine. It will be a classic Maine Christmas at Logan’s parents’ new Victorian bed and breakfast on a small island on the Kennebec River. What better place to relax than to go home for the holidays? What could go wrong?

A nor’easter and murder soon will blow these plans away. As fast as you can say wicked pissah, one of the B&B’s guests is found murdered. Now everyone is trapped on an island with a killer and no means to call for help. The Adairs are on the case, but unnerving guests, whispered plots, and the storm’s aftermath seek to block their investigation at every turn.

Aided by Logan’s bumbling best friend Bob and Ulysses’s fierce girlfriend Hannah, the Adairs relentlessly pursue their suspects and hope to unravel this Yuletide mystery. Can the Adairs find the killer in time? Or will they suffer the same murderous fate?

The Wars of Bent Creek

by Jeff Hill

In 1968, J.P. Hudson and his best friend Joey Glaseman are looking forward to a carefree summer of jumping off the tower at the millpond, shooting pool with the “old guys” at Edgar’s Billiards, and chasing pigs out at Dirty Mouth Henry’s. When they break a window in the only mansion in town they stumble onto secrets that have been hidden for decades and find themselves on the fringes of Bent Creek’s simmering turmoil surrounding the war in Viet Nam. In the process, they uncover an evil monster hiding in plain sight. Can they expose him before he snares them and places them in a danger from which they can't escape? Sample Audio is below:

Set in the days following the plague that has rapidly turned the world upside down, 17-year-old Ian Ward is dying. He is alone, starving, and demoralized. He has screwed up just about everything. From a closet in the second floor bedroom of an abandoned house, he now needs to take a serious look back before he can move ahead. Sample Audio is below: